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Galactus prepares for fight with Thanos. He is hungry and tells Nova to find him a suitable planet and quickly.

Nova discovers a planet suitable for her master but remembers what the Silver Surfer had showed her recently. With Nova's help they are able to reach incredible speeds, speeds that Nova has never traveled at. He brings her to a planet similar to the one she has found for Galactus. Both planets have primitive life. Surfer asks her if she would bring Galactus to this planet. She tells him she would and that Galactus' hunger and place in the universe is more important than primitive lifeforms.

He takes her into a cave and shows her something she has seen before. She realizes the Surfer has brought her back in time and this place is really a primitive Earth. He shows her that life, although appearing insignificant, can one day evolve into something much greater and that giving an inhabitied world to Galactus is genocide.

He takes her back to the planet and leaves her behind. Since no other planet is available, she still chooses this world for Galactus. She reminds Galactus that the world is inhabitied, which is no concern for him. He tells her that even if there was time to evacuate the inhabitants he would not allow it. He proceeds to consume the planets energy.

Nova wonders if she may ever be able to make this decision again.

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