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All Nightmare Long

My god, this book is so 70s it hurts... but in a good way. We start out the book with Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, hitching a ride around town in the back of an old pickup truck on their way to the cape. The two of them together is a great pairing, and I would love to see a buddy cop movie featuring the two. It would be magic. However, due to a disturbance in the force that has led Dr. Strange to the Silver Surfer, we get a Cosmic Marvel Team-Up! That's a thing by the way. It's also really funny to watch the Surfer interact with humans. Writer Dan Slott is going for a "classic fish out of water" story, similar to the first Thor movie. Even better is how his traveling partner, Dawn, calls him out.

The writing is light hearted and fun, but it's really Mike Allred's art that sells the book. You could not believe any of the multidimensional zaniness if say a Jim Lee was drawing. It just takes a certain kind of style to pull this off and Allred has it. You can almost tell that Slott and Allred are just flying by the seat of their pants and just winging this book using the old Marvel Method. For those of you who don't know, Marvel Method is what Stan Lee invented in his hay day, and it just means, making all of this shit up on the fly and relying on fantastic artists to tell the story. Stan was a visionary I know, but it's this sense of freedom that the book has that makes it so much fun. Is there a Nightmare Lord under your bed? Well why won't there be? This is just a fun book, if you don't question the logic and just go with the flow. Which I for one am totally fine with doing. After all, it's the Surfer man.

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