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Thanos tells the Silver Surfer of the imbalance Death was speaking of. The Surfer blasts him to show that he is powerful and will not be tricked, but Thanos is unfazed by the attack.

He takes the Surfer to Earth as a demonstration. He says the populations of the universe are growing incredible and people are living longer. They are only setting themselves up for population disasters and their own extinction. He shows Surfer the future of a destroyed world.

He then takes him to the planet Salaria. The inhabitants are peaceful creatures that do nothing but reproduce. He estimates that in the near future the planet will resort to famine and cannibalism. This further proves that all planets are part of the imbalance. What he plans to do for Death is destroy fifty percent of the universe's population.

Surfer says he will stop him from doing this. Thanos tells him that not only will he allow it, he will help him. He informs the Surfer that when he transported from Earth to Salaria, a bacteria on the Silver Surfer's skin that is harmless on Earth while cause great pestilence on Salaria. He tells Surfer they can either fight or Surfer can rush to Salaria and save the remains of the population. He claims that he he manipulated the position of the time flow and half of the residents should be dead by now. The Surfer returns to find piles of bodies. He cures them of their disease.

Thanos laughs at his triumph and is heard by him enemy, the godlike Chronos. Knowing that Thanos is alive again he resurrects Drax the Destroyer to combat him.

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