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Flying through space, the Silver Surfer is hit by an unknown object. He believes it to be destroyed on impact but looks down and realizes his board is an alien. He introduces himself as the Impossible Man.

The Impossible Man constantly makes jokes and changes his form, mostly to Earth related people and objects after he learns the Surfer has been there. This unnerves the Surfer and he believes him to be insane. Just as they are getting to know each other they are met by a fleet of starships, and they want Impossible Man.

Impossible Man had insulted their monarch. Captain Glaktu of the planet Ergonar demands he be turned over to them for his execution. He begs for the Surfer's help, who would never allow the death of another. He tells them he will protect Impossible Man.

They open fire on the Surfer but this causes no damage. He disables all of their ships. The Surfer tells them he will apologize personal on Ergonar and that Impossible Man will never return to their planet.

He reprimands Impossible Man for his actions. He tells him that even though he is having fun, others are not and this is truly a serious matter. He leaves to go to the planet. As he does, Captain Glaktu appears behind Impossible Man and tells him that he has no protection now. This scares Impossible Man greatly who calls for the Surfer to help him.

The Captain was really the Surfer in disguise, showing Impossible Man that practical jokes are not funny to the one they are being played on. He believes he has taught Impossible Man a lesson and departs to apologize for the alien's doings.







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