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S'byll addresses the Kree Empire, claiming her victory. She offers a peace to the Kree. Tus-Katt, a former coordinator and highest ranking Kree among them, accepts a truce, claiming that the Kree cannot accept peace. S'byll accepts and the Surfer takes her and Shalla Bal to their homeworlds. He then seeks out the Stranger, curious as to why he interfered in the war.

The Contemplator reveals his true self to Clumsy Foulup. He tells him his grand plans to take over the Kree Empire as the Supreme Intelligence and promises Clumsy great power. Clumsy accepts, but asks the pink Kree to help him find a wizard.

The Surfer catches up to the Stranger. He asks him why he was so interested in the war. But any answers the Stranger gives are lies, because he must remain a stranger to all. The Surfer plans to battle him for answers but they are interrupted by the Living Tribunal.

The Kree have brought Clumsy to their 'wizard' the Cotati, remaining concealed from sight. The Cotati agree to make Clumsy the emperor as opposed to Contemplator. When the Supreme Intelligence, being controlled by the Elder, addresses the people, the Cotati take control of him. They tell the people through the Intelligence that Clumsy will be the Emperor. They attack the Contemplator and prove to be more formidable psychics than himself, leaving him mad.

Meeting the Tribunal, the Surfer realizes that it is impossible for the Stranger to exist as a solitaire in the universe. The Tribunal tells him of his purpose in the multiverse and claims that the Surfer is indeeed unique in all of his universe. He tells him that he is Galactus' opposite. To help the Surfer with his problem of lonliness, the Tribunal offers him a moment of godhood. The Surfer becomes one with the universe for a moment in time, to the Surfer's great peace and pleasure.

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