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The battle has left almost every Skrull dead, and the Kree Armada returns home. S'byll has remained alive and believes the empire is lost. Surfer tells her that they have lost the battle, not the war.

On Hala, Clumsy Foulup is a hero to the pink skinned Kree, something he always wanted. This angers the blue skinned Kree. It is reavealed that Contemplator has manipulated all of them to believe these things and act the way they are acting. Contemplator has revived the Supreme Intelligence but with his mind and plans to control the empire.

Silver Surfer has arrived on Hala for a full frontal attack on the Kree. He attacks and defeats Midnight Sun. He flies down to the surface and starts blasting them all with the help of S'byll. He finds Shall Bal and they all head toward Nenora through a tunnel. Shalla Bal tells them all that Nenora is really a Skrull.

They reach Nenora and the Stranger appears. He stops the Surfer from attacking, seeming to only have been following the war and waiting to see how it turned out without interference. S'byll attacks Nenora and is able to use her shape-shifting powers to contain Nenora, giving her Skrull powers back. She reverts into a sickly Skrull and passes out and S'byll has seemingly won the war.

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