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The Kree have created a super weapon to defeat the Silver Surfer - The Midnight Sun. He was an Earth martial artist reanimated with the power of darkness to specifically destroy the Surfer. Nenora is pleased with the results and visits her prisoner, Shall Bal. She tells her that it is better for her plans to keep her alive. Unbenowst to her the Contemplator has been listening and learns her secret as well. Nenora puts her into a drugged state. While in this state she is contacted by the Cotati.

Surfer and Reptyl are having words with each other and the Surfer tells there will be time for his justice against Reptyl later. Out in orbit the Surfer spots the Stranger. He flies away and the Surfer tries to catch up with him but he is gone. He then spots the Kree Armada coming in for a full attack. They release their secret weapon.

Midnight Sun attacks and proves to be very agile and able to dodge most of Surfer's attacks. Surfer manages to grab hold of him but he escapes. Midnight Sun then vanishes and creates a dust cloud so thick that there is no light. Unable to see and gain power from the cosmos, Midnight Sun gains the uppear hand. After taking a beating he realizes he can change to a vision that can see the electronic energy of the Midnight Sun's flying discs. He is able to blast him and grab him and drag him out of the cloud.

Reptyl goes to attack the armada from it's underside. But he is betrayed and killed by Clumsy Foulup. A Kree ship then blasts the Surfer and he releases Midnight Sun, who is picked up in a tractor beam. The Kree fleet is destroying the Skrulls and it appears that maybe the Kree have won the war.

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