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The Silver Surfer notices some ships coming from a distant planet. He tells them he does not want a fight and comes in peace, but they attack him. Even though they are far more advanced than what he expected he easily destroys them. He soon finds they are unmanned and must be guided by some type of intelligence. He approaches the planet to discover this intelligence.

He soon realizes the planet is a giant computer. It attacks him with a high powered electric program. It seems to feed on his power and he flees. He finds a dark area where the creature cannot follow. He is then greeted by the intelligence, Motherboard 49.7, Central Conception Unit for the 122 Mega-J system. She claims coldly that he is the Silver Surfer, Herald of Galactus, and must be destroyed.

The Motherboard attacks but the Surfer gets her to listen to him and that he is not the Herald of Galactus any longer. She pauses and listens but needs to know when this happened, but cannot comprehend his measurements of time. She attacks again, able to make all energy inside respond to her, stealing the Surfer's power.

He realizes since she is a computer that she must have signals that tell her what to do. He is able to track those signals to her central storage area. He manages to hit one of them and change her knowledge of him. He is successful and has changed the information to delete him being the herald of Galactus. He tells it that it was programmed much knowledge but cannot overwrite that information and he changed it.

When he leaves the system notices program tampering and begins to repair the file.







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