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Silver Surfer has been attacked by Ego, the Living Planet. Ego uses his radiation and magnetic fields to pull Surfer's board away, causing the Surfer to fall to his surface. He tells Surfer that this is not about revenge. When defeated by Galactus, a propulsion unit was attached to his south pole. He has gotten control of it but only be consuming most of his energy. He explains that he has to consume other beings to maintain his energies, much like Galactus himself, and plans on consuming Surfer's Power Cosmic.

Ego creates a chasm and tries to kill the Surfer with lava. This does not work so he sends him to where is oil deposits are putting Surfer in a ocean of oil. He is attacked by some of Ego's Protozoids but overcomes them. Since he cannot fly without the board he uses energy blasts to propel himself through the surface. He tries to fly to reach his board but Ego creates heavy winds. He finds the propulsion unit and is familiar with it. He uses his power to give it excess power, making Ego rocket through space.

Surfer guides Ego straight toward a star. He agrees to let Surfer go over fear of death. He pleads with Surfer to remove the device but Surfer tells him that it is his fate for what he has gone. Sufer leaves telling him that he cannot help. He flies away and senses someone has moved a planet in the solar system of Earth. He leaves urgently.

Continued in Fantastic Four #325







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