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Silver Surfer is furious over what happened with Nova. Not only did Starfox use his power to make her have affection for Firelord, he also made Silver Surfer like what he saw. He wonders if this was all Galactus' plan to keep him and Nova apart.

Meanwhile, Nova is upset also and asks Galactus' permission to return to the Surfer and tell him how she felt. He tells her no and she threatens to quit his service. She starts to believe that she is right and Galactus has feelings for her. In the end she stays by his side.

Firelord and Starfox are still on their way to find Nebula who has destroyed Firelord's homeworld and committed genocide. Starfox feels guilt for what he did to the Surfer and wishes to set things right but Firelord has his sights set on his goal.

Reptyl in the mean time, unhappy about the recent events in the Coal Sack Nebula, believes he needs backup contingencies for the next people to try to take his territory. He sets up a weapons cache on a planet and leaves all his men there, putting Clumsy Foulup in charge.

The Second Kree-Skrull war rages on but ths time it is the forces of Empress S'byll. The Kree have an advantageous position but the Skrulls have a secret weapon - the recently revived Super Skrull.

Nenora lands on Zenn-La to meet Shalla Bal in a peaceful meeting. Nenora wants to speak with the Silver Surfer but Shall Bal tells her she will only call him in case of an emergency. Nenora tells her this could be a disasterous decision for her people and Shalla Bal claims that the Surfer will protect them and possible ally with the Skrulls if he must. Nenora laughs, thinking to herself that she is a Skrull in disguise. Shalla Bal thinks she reads her thoughts, but is unsure of what she meant.

Back on Earth, Mantis is alive and well. She is breaking into an airport but only wishes one of the vessels could take her back to the stars.....and back to the Silver Surfer.

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