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Review: Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer has lost his Power Cosmic and must stop High Evolutionary, as Norrin Radd, from essentially becoming the new Galactus. 

The Good

I love that Norrin Radd has been Silver Surfer for so long that basic human things like emotions are incredibly confusing to him. We get to see more and more glimpses of Norrin's old life and his transitioning into Silver Surfer through some quick flashback sequences. It really grounds a character who, for years, the readers have considered "godlike." Now that he's "human" again, not only is he trying to stop High Evolutionary, but he is trying to readjust to what being "human" means. It stinks that this is only going to be four issues, but at the same time, it's a very fast paced book, so four issues may be perfect for it. 
Greg Pak, the writer of this mini-series, wrote two of my all-time favorite Marvel story-lines: X-Men: Magneto Testament and Planet Hulk. While this story isn't as epic as those two, it has reignited my love for the Silver Surfer, and made me want more.

The Bad

The book didn't have the same "umph" that the first issue had.

The Verdict

This is a series everyone should be reading. It's paced well, fun, and showcases a character most people forget about: Silver Surfer. Regardless of your pre-conceived notions of Silver Surfer, the writing of Greg Pak and the art team of Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, Mendoza, Florea, Olazaba, Paz, and Wil Quintana will make you find a new found love for the Silver Surfer. He's no longer the deity-like man who flies through space. He's a grounded character with an interesting life and loyal to the planet he calls his second home, Earth. This is a must buy series.
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Posted by Radread

 It's a good series but it still has 3 issues to go. Let's reserve judgment until then.
Posted by movieartman

NOTE: its gonna 5 issues total not 4
Posted by inferiorego
@movieartman said:
" NOTE: its gonna 5 issues total not 4 "
Really? This issue says on the cover "2 of 4"
Not trying to be snide.
Staff Online
Posted by JonesDeini

Crap lacks the same "umph"? Uh oh, last issue didn't have any "umph" for me :(

Edited by wangbumaximus

I absolutely agree with the reviewer! The art's consistency is topnotch! The story is very engaging, heartwarming and reflective! Both the artists and the writer deserve a serious look into their take on the Surfer! However, the reviewer must next time be careful with the spelling of the illustrator Harvey Tolibao, not TOLIBAD! He (the reviewer) is making fun with a respectable, high quality illustrator! Can't he see very clearly the spelling on the cover itself?

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