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Galactus is hungry after his ordeal, having defeated In-Betweener with the help of the Surfer, Nova, the Elders of the Universe and Reed, Sue and Franklin Richards. Nova goes to find him a planet and the Surfer escorts the Richards' home to Earth. The Elders escape but Galactus knows he has eternity to for his vengeance.

Meanwhile, Reptyl and his crew have unwelcome visitors, Starfox and Firelord. They are looking for Nebula but soon learn the Silver Surfer was there recently. Firelord holds a grudge against Surfer because he believes that because Surfer betrayed Galactus his friend Air-Walker became his new herald and eventually was killed.

Surfer catches up with Nova who has chosen a planet. Surfer argues with her that the planet has life but she doesn't care. They are then attacked by Starfox and Firelord. Nova tries to help Surfer but Starfox uses his emotional powers on her and she stands aside. Surfer defeats Firelord but Nova kisses him to rejuvenate his power, while Surfer cannot believe what he is seeing. Starfox then reveals to Surfer that it was Galactus who told them to find Nebula in the first place, leading them to him.

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