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The battle between Galactus and the In-Betweener has begun. The Silver Surfer, Nova, the Richards and the Elders stay out of the battle.

Nova wants to join in and help but the Surfer stops her, telling her this is between them. Frankin asks his father about the Ultimate Nullifier becuse he had a dream about it. He claims to be able to operate it and wants to help. Reed tells him no and that he cannot use his powers until he gets older. But Frankin goes after it anyway. Reed and Sue manage to stop him right as he is getting the Nullifier from Galactus' ship.

Galactus and the In-Betweener become caught in the gravity of the black hole. If they fall into the Magick Realm, In-Betweener will become more powerful than Galactus. Nova decides that she must help her master. She has a plan. She takes the ship into the black hole to help pull them in while the Surfer and the Elders launch a incredibly powerful blast to push them in.

Once inside, Master Order and Lord Chaos take control of the In-Betweener as they agreed with the Surfer. Galactus takes them all back out of the black hole to their own universe.

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