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Silver Surfer rushes to Earth to get Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic, for they have all been requested by a dying Galactus. They agree to come but they have to bring Franklin along. They arrive at Galactus' ship and he tells them that the Elders he consumed are still alive and he needs a soul gem, which fell down a black hole. He tells them how to survive transversing the hole.

They leave Franklin behind with Nova and get into one of Galactus' ships following the Surfer. They end up in a mystical universe at the other side where Surfer begins tracking the gems. They first meet with the Possessor who is protected by the Sinalinas. They are no problem for them and talk with Possessor who tells them that when he and the others made it there they knew they had to find the gems.

As they are leaving, Reed notices that Sue is starting to sound a lot like when Hate Monger had turned her into Malice. They go to find the Astronomer and the Trader who have the gems. They tell them that they cannot have the gems. Sue becomes angry and attacks them and Reed knows what he thought is right, that somehow she is reverting to her evil self. She asks Trader what he will trade for them and shoots Surfer in the face at point blank range with a gun she was making invisible and trades the Surfer for them. She has truly turned back into Malice.

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