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Surfer! Firelord! And a nuclear explosion! Plus a very big announcement. 


Firelord is enjoying the peace and nature of Kakistia when an experimental nuclear weapon destroys everything around him. This infuriates him.
Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer is enjoying his time on Earth with Alicia Masters. He soon becomes aware of the situation with Firelord. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four prepare to face Firelord, but it will take time to reach him. Reed calls Alicia and asks if the Surfer will assist, since he can arrive faster than they can. He agrees.
The Surfer attempts to stop Firelord, but he will not stop. He continues to battle the Surfer until his eventual defeat. But Firelord will not give up so easily. He prepares to drain the Surfer of his energy in order to continue on, but Alicia stops him. Then Dr. Nital arrives to take the blame as well. She was the one who developed the weapon.
The Surfer tells Firelord that if he kills this woman he will hunt him across the universe. Instead, Firelord gives her the vision of the peace she destroyed. It causes her great suffering.
Although the Surfer doesn't agree with Firelord's tactics, he agrees the punishment fits the crime.

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