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And In The End...

The Mergence has combined with the Coroner and plans to take over the life of Earth. But first, he needs to kill Tenebrae, who has separated from the group mind.  Tenebrae and Psycho-Man form a defense against the Mergence, using the Power Cosmic stolen from the Silver Surfer. Psycho-Man powers his weapons with it and attacks the Mergence with his psycho-kinetic energies.
Alicia Masters has found a way out of the Microverse. She now has to face her friend - Cy-Phyrr 4. She is wrong about him and he is just a robot with no soul. He attacks her despite what she thinks of him.
The Mergence unleases a Null Wave to kill Psycho-Man and Tenebrae. But the attacks on both parties begin to take effect. The Silver Surfer meanwhile jumps into the energy well of Psycho-Man's ship. It stops the attack on the Mergence. The resulting explosion seemingly destroys Tenebrae and Psycho-Man.
The Surfer speaks with the Mergence, who is greatful for having been saved. He promises to not absorb the Earth. Cy-Phyrr 4, with no master, takes the suit he built for Alicia and leaves. The Surfer and Alicia finally have one another again.

Across the Universe

The Silver Surfer travels the universe and ponders it's glory and it's horrors. This brings him back to Earth, such a incredible contradiction in the universe. But it is here, with Alicia, where he truly belongs.

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