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Join us for the all-out war between the Surfer, Tenebrae, Coroner, and the Mergence! 


The Silver Surfer and Tenebrae have been captured by the evil Psycho-Man. Psycho-Man uses his psycho-kinetic energy in an attempt to cause the Surfer pain. But the Surfer has faced his inner demons many times before and sees through the Psycho-Man's attempts. He turns the energy on Psycho-Man, giving him a taste of his own medicine and leaving him a whimpering mess on the floor.
He frees Tenebrae from her capsule and, as usual, his compassion gets him into trouble. She attacks him.  This distracts the Surfer long enough for Psycho-Man to revive and siphon the Surfer's Power Cosmic. Psycho-Man and Tenebrae then form an alliance.
Meanwhile, Cy-Phyrr 4 has created a suit for Alicia so that they may find Tenebrae. She can fly and see in energy wavelengths. They track down Tenebrae, but Cy-Phyrr 4 follows them through a dimensional barrier back to Earth, leaving Alicia behind.
Coroner ponders why he rebelled against the Mergence in the last moments when he is greeted by the Mergence. It gives him a second chance and this time he does not question. 
And somewhere else in the universe, the long awaited return of Galactus!

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