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Tenebrae! Coroner! And the debut of Sama-D and the iron warrior known as Cipher! All that and Surfer, too!


The Silver Surfer finds him in a new, fascinating universe. He comes across a being known as Sama-D. He informs the Surfer that he is in the Macroverse, a combination of universes.  He tells him how he came to be there and shows him the termination point, where the Macroverse ends. Despite Sama-D's warnings, the Surfer attempts to leave but fails. He goes to travel the Macroverse for more answers.
Meanwhile, Alicia has been sent to the Microverse. She finds herself face to face with a robot known as Cy-Phyrr 4 who has been ordered to protect her by Tenebrae.  When the ship comes under attack, Cy-Phyrr 4 pushes Alicia into an escape pod and jettisons her from the ship. She is left stranded on a uninhabited planet.
Tenebrae and Coroner are preparing for the arrival of the Mergence in the desert. Coroner can no longer wait to contact the Mergence so he goes outside to attempt to do so. Tenebrae informs him that she is part of the Mergence and thus he can speak with her.

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