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Silver Surfer begins the battle with his impostor. When one is downed Nova comes over and sees that the downed Surfer is still alive. She does not trust the standing Surfer, unsure of which one is the real one. As they fly off it seems convincing that she is with the true Surfer until he distracts her and blasts her. He contains her in s refraction matrix and reveals that he is a Skrull.

His name is Bartak and tells her that he was a spy present when General Zedrao visited Captain Mar-Vell on his deathbed. He came disguised as the hero Devil-Slayer but to his surprise the real hero showed up. He quickly changed himself to the Silver Surfer who he knew could not show up. After, he endured surgical alterations to achieve powers similar to the Power Cosmic. He was trapped, like all other Skrulls, in this form when the Genetics Bomb exploded.

He is a follower of Karza, one of the five Skrulls claiming the title of Emperor. This is where he will take Frankie Raye. But then he is met by Ronan the Accuser who attacks him. He has enhanced his form since his last battle (with the true Surfer) and quickly destroys the impostor. He frees Nova and goes on his way, believing his mission complete.

Nova runs into a revived Silver Surfer. Frankie Raye had infused his body with solar energy back on the surface of the planet so he revived quickly. He kisses her and she is confused. He says that Mantis taught him to express his emotions and gives Nova a hug, thanking her for helping him again.

Meanwhile back on Earth a Skrull ship crashes to the surface. It is Krat who was sent by Empress S'byll. He is shot and killed by some Earthlings but not before he shoots some kind of flare into the sky, saying he has done his job and all those opposing the Skrull Empire will die- Earth being first.

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