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Watch out, Surfer! The Other has returned and your life may never be the same again!


After purifying his soul by flying through the Sun, the Silver Surfer comes across a familiar energy. It is the home of Henrietta Rose, the first human he ever met but does not remember. She is being attack by The Other and the Surfer is able to drive them away. He realizes she may be the key to his understanding of The Other and takes her and her daughter Justice to a different location. 
The Surfer is able to show Henrietta's memories for them to see. This triggers the Surfer's memory and they are no longer blocked from him. He heads out to face the Other despite the odds being against him.
Back at the Satori, Phillip has finally completed the clay molding of the Cosmic Messiah. He is happy to finally be using his powers for good.
He arrives at the dimensional gateway where the Other are coming from. It immediately attacks him and he is no match for it. The Surfer crash lands at Alicia's apartment, unconscious and in a fever. Alicia does not know what to do but is soon greeted by an ancient entity known as Scrier.

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