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What happened to the Puppet Master?!


 The Puppet Master is dying for trying to save one of his clay creations. In his mind, Phillip meets all those in his life that he has harmed. The Surfer arrives to take him back to the land of the living, but Phillip believes he should pay for his crimes. It is then that Mephisto arrives to claim his soul.
At first, the Surfer battles Mephisto, but soon leaves. He tells Phillip the choice is his and his only. In the last moment, Phillip decides to choose life and is returned to his body. He sees the world through a new light from this experience and tries to reconcile with Alicia, but she is not interested in forgiving him just yet.
The members of the Satori begin to worship the Surfer once again, having brought a man back from the dead. But the Surfer still refuses them but decides to use his power once to maybe help the world along into becoming a peaceful place. He goes to Earth's orbit and uses his entire Power Cosmic to show the people of Earth what he had shown Alicia, and shows everyone on Earth a different point of view, that they are all the same and gives them a moment of peace and love. He passes out from his efforts.
The Surfer is retrieved by the members of the Satori and awakens inside. He refuses the last time and he and Alicia depart. But Phillip decides to stay. But Ganger has new plans for creating a Cosmic Messiah and he wants Phillip to help him achieve this.

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