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More with the Puppet Master and the Gangers! Plus an interesting development between Norrin and Alicia. And at long last, find out just what Sorrentino wants with the Silver Surfer!


At the Satori, Puppet Master is finally shown what is going on. Inside, they take him to a massive shrine built for the Silver Surfer.  He is met by their leader, an old friend of his named Alexei Ganger. He plans to save the world by making it a Utopia, and the Silver Surfer is the key to all of it.
The Surfer is meanwhile glad to have his emotions back, although they are of sorrow for the loss of Zenn-La. He returns to Alicia's apartment. Soon, they are met by Spider-Man, who informs them of Phillip's kidnapping. Alicia insists on coming and they both travel to where he was taken from, leaving Spider-Man behind. The police try to arrest the Surfer, but he basically ignores them until he finds what he is looking for.
Meanwhile, The Other has returned to an old victim - Henrietta Rose. 
The Surfer and Alicia follow the trail to the Satori. They are allowed inside and the Surfer is informed that they believe him to be the Cosmic Messiah (or Galactic Messiah). They pray to him and worship him and believe that he will take command and lead them to paradise. He refuses, telling them that any messiah must be of Earth. When he refuses, the Gangers attack him.
The attack causes the Surfer to lose it. He destroys the shrine they have built for him including the clay version of himself molded by Phillip. But Phillip tries to save it and is caught in the blast.

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