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The Silver Surfer is trying to blend in with the other humans alongside Alicia Masters. But he soon realizes this will not be helpful to him and they depart. The Surfer then takes Alicia to a place her parents used to bring her. She asks the Surfer if he can give her sight for just a moment as he did before, but he cannot. Instead her shows her the quantum field, where the universe can be seen with your mind and not your eyes. 
They then go to Alicia's stepfather Phillip, who has retired as the Puppet Master. The Surfer wishes to have a copy of himself made from the Puppet Master's radioactive clay. He hopes if he makes a copy of himself it can have the secret to his memory and emotional loss. Eventually, Phillip agrees.
The Surfer bestows the Power Cosmic on the clay figure and brings it to life. The Surfer gives the clay Surfer his memories and it knows the truth, which drives him mad. He blasts the real Surfer and removes his memory and powers. Norrin Radd is left upon the street.

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