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The Heart of the Beast

The Silver Surfer returns to Earth and finds the Hulk on a rampage. The Surfer tries to talk some sense in him and resume their friendship, but the Hulk won't listen. The Hulk tells him Banner is dead (from Onslaught) and attacks the Surfer, wanting to be left alone. 
The Surfer uses his power to remove the radiation from his blood and revert him to Banner as he had done in the past. It fails and the Surfer realizes that Banner must be gone and the Hulk is telling the truth. The Hulk tries to escape.
The Surfer catches up with the Hulk and continues to try to speak with him. He soon realizes the Hulk is rampaging because he is scared. He will soon die without Banner. The Hulk leaves and the Surfer decides to leave him in peace. That is when Doctor Strange shows up.

Home For The Holidays

The Silver Surfer saves a girl in the Bronx from armed gunmen. She soon reveals that those were cops shooting at her and she is wanted for killing her father. She had done it because he always beat her mother and her mother would not even speak with her.
The Surfer tells her that he is going to bring her to the authorities but she has one request first. The Surfer obliges and takes her to her mother. They reconcile and the mother doesn't want her daughter to go back to the institute, but she has to go. But when she looks out the window, the Silver Surfer has left.

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