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The Silver Skyriders continue their battle with the Black Surfer. Ur-Lini takes control. In fear of losing his Blackbody, the Dark Counsel calls it back. The Skyriders travel to take on the Uni-Lord personally.

The Uni-Lord is still furious and changes to a mortal form to meet with his Dark Counsel. In order for more information, he barters the soul of Norrin Radd to the Dark Counsel since he now has Pradda Fol to replace him. The deal is done, but still the Uni-Lord is in pain.

The Skyriders arrive to take him on in the Congregational. The Uni-Lord meets them as their god, viewed as their own race. The Blackbody of the Dark Counsel takes in their silvery skin, stripping them of their power. The Uni-Lord informs them that all of their worlds are doomed and they are to become members of the Congregational.

But something is wrong with the Blackbody. Out of it emerges the true Silver Surfer, his souls reunited with his body. And he is not happy with the Dark Counsel.

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