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Harquis Tey and the Rebels examine the body of the Silver Surfer. But their time is short as they are informed that the Territorial Troopers have found the other being (the Surfer's board) and are on their way to Khirn's home. Tey opens a portal to a safer location and they travel through. The other rebels are killed by the Troopers, giving their lives for the cause.

But the Surfer suddenly awakens as a piece of him is taken from the board by a Blackbody. He battles with the Blackbody, demanding the piece be returned to him, but gets no response. Despite his efforts, he is taken into the Blackbody, much like the visions he had previously witnessed. He sees himself split, body and soul. Norrin Radd and the Silver Surfer are finally separate, but this is not how he wanted it.

The Uni-Lord contacts the Grand Overseer. He demands all rebels be destroyed. She gives him her oath that it shall be done. He believes the rebels are responsible for the Silver Surfer and that he is a new weapon. He gives her something to display for all to see so that they will not doubt him ever again - the Silver Surfer in several pieces.

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