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The Silver Surfer is preparing the Great Ark for departure to Sof. But the ship will not respond because of the Surfer's doubts. He asks Stessa to navigate the ship but Stessa cannot navigate the ship for the same reasons.

Back on the island, Ellie is in a hospital while Stewart talks with the military. They tell him to evacuate and the island is to be destroyed with nuclear weapons as per orders from Dick Cheney. Stewart tries to wake Ellie so she can show them what is happening.

Denise meets with the Silver Surfer again. The Surfer believes he is torn between decisions because of Denise Waters, and that she reminds him of Shalla Bal. He asks for her to free him and allow them to leave, but she cannot do this.

Ellie awakens and is taken to the beach by Stewart. It is here that she finds Amnel. She tries to revive Amnel but at the same time the Surfer approaches. As soon as he is spotted, the military launchs their weapons. The Surfer saves the island from the weapons but is caught in the blast. Ellie fails to heal Amnel and she is dead. Ellie explodes with anger.

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