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In this issue, which got strangely little publicity considering how big a development it contained, Galactus is killed.

Galactus' herald, Morg, who has over the past years been torn between his allegiance to Galactus and a time as a forced servant to Tyrant, has decided he's going to help his master by using the Ultimate Nullifier on Tyrant.  Tyrant's Toady-Drone tries to stop Morg from using the nullifier by mophing to him and trying to control his mind but Morg's will is too strong.

Morg blasts Tyrant once with the nullifier to show he means business and destroys his legs.  He then sets to torturing Tyrant with it; melting much of his body away piece by piece.  The Silver Surfer arrives, heeding Galactus' call for help, to find Morg torturing Tyrant, who by that point is just head and torso.  Morg, in a strange and jovial state us unphased by the Surfer's arrival and continues torturing Tyrant.

After a brief scuffle, Morg sets the nullifier to go critical mass.  Galactus tells Surfer to flee, which he does.  Morg cuts off his own arm to rid himself of the drone and the nullifier and cleaves a rift in Galactus' worldship's hull in an attempt to escape but fails.  The nullifier goes critical, killing all aboard (Galactus, Morg and Tyrant).  Surfer manages to escape, but just barely; the energy from the blast knocking him for a loop.

Surfer is shocked that Galactus is dead (though his death doesn't stay in play for long; he's back by the late 90's).

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