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In this issue:
Tyrant takes lunch with Galactus!
The Super Skrull appears!
Oh, and we almost forgot...
the Silver Surfer goes mad!!!

The Surfer has begun his assault on a band of pirates known as the Bandits. His anger fuels him and he holds nothing back from those he believes to be treacherous cretins. He plans to destroy them but not kill them and leaves them stranded in space.

The Super Skrull is nearby and plans to defeat the Surfer as a way of redeeming himself to the Skrulls. Little does he know that the Surfer is not his usual self and has no interest in talking or holding back. He easily defeats Super Skrull and puts him near death. He tells the other Skrulls to tell thier leaders that he is no longer a pacifist and they will stop their evil ways or will have to face him.

The Toady-Drone has told Galactus that Tyrant wishes to meet with him. He knows the time for their confrontation is near and tells Morg to find him a planet to feed on.

Finally, the Surfer regains control of himself and his emotions. He goes back and rescues the pirates he defeated and puts them on a nearby asteroid. He has almost committed murder twice and wishes more than ever to be relieved of his power.

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