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The Surfer petitions a cosmic power with the most shocking... and unexpected request... of the century!

The Silver Surfer has traveled once again to the gigantic ship of Galactus to seek an audience with him. But Morg is there and defends his master, attacking the Surfer. They begin to battle and are broken up by Galactus, who agrees to speak with the Surfer.

All the previous actions of the Surfer's life have taken their toll on him. He no longer wishes to be the Silver Surfer and asks Galactus to remove his Power Cosmic. Glactus denies him which makes the Surfer angry.

Galactus battles the angry Surfer and blasts him down, reminding him that Galactus has helped him with his requests many times before. He tells the Surfer that he is needed in the universe and that they are alike and must remain solitary. The Surfer is still not satisfied and tells Galactus he will find a way to have his powers removed. Air Walker also tries to convince the Surfer that he does good in the universe.

Meanwhile, Tyrant plans to met with Galactus to form a peace ... only to attack him when his guard is down.

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