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The Silver Surfer is soaring through space when he hears someone calling for help. He discovers a pod located in a star and retrieves it. He releases the woman whose name is Sympira. She claims to be a scientist who was left behind when her sun went nova. She knows the location of their evacuation. They head out together to find it.

Along the way they tell tales of perils to each other and the Surfer speaks of Alicia Masters back on Earth. They arrive to the planet, where the people are well aware of the legend of Sympira. She begins to attack the populous and the truth is revealed. She was responisible for her star exploding and she plans to rule over her people once more on her quest for power.

She tries to stop the Surfer but he will not allow such tyranny to take place. He uses his power to remove all of her power and leaves her normal once again. She does not wish to be left on the planet, but the Surfer tells her she must pay for her crimes.

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