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The Silver Surfer is attempting again to escape the barrier that holds him to Earth that has been set by Galactus. He is met by the Fantastic Four who are doing research. The Surfer is then attacked by the Champion.

The Four attempt to assist but the Surfer denies their help. He defeats the Champion in battle all by himself. He then asks why the Champion has attacked him. He explains that the Skrulls have lost their shape shifting abilities and have kidnapped Galactus' herald, Nova, in an attempt to make Galactus destroy Kree worlds for them.

The Surfer still needs to escape the planet. He explains that, with Reed's help, they have attempted his escape many times over. The Thing comes up with the idea to for the Surfer to leave his board behind and try. They take the Fantastic Four's spaceship to orbit and the Surfer successfully escapes. He turns his board into atoms and reforms it. He heads to Galactus to seek his ultimate freedom.

The Surfer arrives at Galactus and makes a propsition. If he can rescue Nova from the Skrulls, Galactus must release him from any and all barriers. Galactus agrees and tells him where to find her.

He easily rescues Nova from the Skrulls before they even have time to react to his prescence. True to his word, Galactus forgives the Surfer for his rebellion and sets him free - free to roam the universe once again.

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