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The story begins with Stan Lee telling the story of an alien abduction. A nurse named Henrietta Rose was on her way home from work when she was abducted by some grey skinned aliens.

Meanwhile, Galactus speaks to his herald, the Silver Surfer. Galactus has become aware of an energy surge that is unknown to him but somehow familiar. He gives Surfer the coordinates and has him go to unravel the mystery.

Back on the alien craft, Henrietta meets a very upbeat Stan Lee, who was abducted as well. There are two other people but they do not speak out of fear. Stan tells the story of how he was abducted and how if they had done anything to him they erased it from his memory.
The aliens come and erase Stan's memory and send him and the others back to their planets. They take Henrietta.

Surfer comes upon the energy matrix and notices that it alters itself to suit the consciousness of whoever is observing it. He knew he had never seen this phenomenon but to him it was also familiar. He discovers that the phenomenon is neither energy nor matter and that it is pure consciousness, the reflection of a living mind.

As he enters the interior of a ship takes shape around him. He finds the aliens torturing and experimenting on Henrietta. They tell him that this is not his concern and to leave. But the preservation of life is important to the Surfer and he rescues her. The aliens begin to invade his mind but the words of Henrietta he realizes that if this is pure consciousness he can fight back. He channels his Power Cosmic through his consciousness blasting the aliens.

Surfer takes Henrietta outside of the 'ship' and the matrix dissolves and fades away. Henrietta realizes that she is now blind. He cocoons her in a quantum sphere and tells her to think of home and she will be there. The Surfer turns and it seems he has forgotten everything that has happened stating that this is where Galactus said the desturbance was. He then returns back to his master.

Stan finishes his story not knowing how he can remember not only his tale but that of the others as well. He warns that this was just the beginning and the alien mind will surely come back.

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