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The Skyriders began when the Silver Surfer's body was taken in by a Blackbody in another universe. His soul was taken and his body was split into twelve pieces, which were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

But the twelve pieces soon possessed someone of it's choosing around them, turning various aliens into beings with the power of the Silver Surfer. They were all compelled to battle the Uni-Lord despite their own feelings on the situation.

The Skyriders formed together, although they had little explanation for their power or how to use it. The leader was Skooka, for she had telepathic abilities and could communicate with the other Skyriders. But when they faced the Black Surfer, Pradda Fol took over as leader for he had more combat experience. They were able to hold the powerful creature at bay long enough for it to retreat.

They headed to face off against the Uni-Lord and were met by one of his Blackbodies. The Blackbody was able to remove their powers from them. He then made plans to assimilate their entire races, leaving them the last of their kind to become part of the Congregation of Finality.

Their power absorbed was able to help reform the Silver Surfer, who defeated the Uni-Lord. The Skyriders were no more and the universe was saved.

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