Any Word on Who may be playing Silver Samurai in "The Wolverine"?

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Have any of you heard any rumors or anything on people who may be in the role of the Silver Samurai?

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i thot it was cancelled?

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great character that should have a great actor playing his part & for that my vote if for Jang Dong Gun.. 
Jang in action :-) 

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ken watanabe, andy lau and hiroyuki sanada were mentioned in blogs, no official word yet

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@jointron33: It wasn't cancelled, they just switched directors. Kind of upsets me because I was really curious to see how Aronofsky would of filmed it.
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That guy from that movie about the ninja & cowboys that came out last year
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Mr. Sanada fits the look & seems to have the acting to back it up plus he's Japanese
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@Caligula: no, but I have an idea who can play him

Hiroyuki Sanada

#9 Posted by cattlebattle (14382 posts) - - Show Bio

an Asian guy hopefully.....

#10 Posted by royale_with_cheese (752 posts) - - Show Bio
This guy
#11 Posted by KidChipotle (14834 posts) - - Show Bio


an Asian guy hopefully.....

LOL, but would an asian play an asian role that takes place in japan, aka asian territory, in an american movie? C'mon man, that's just LOGICAL. :P

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