The status & nature of the Silver Banshee

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What is the current status of the Silver Banshee in the DC universe? Dead or Alive? If she hasn't appeared in the New 52 yet, when was her last appearance and what became of her?

Also, does the Silver Banshee possess people like a ghost or evil spirit or does she have a physical body of her own and a human form/identity to go with it?

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no one knows. They just said she would be a Supergirl villain. but thats really all the details they have given

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@DEGRAAF: Well, what was her condition prior to the New 52? Was she alive, dead, or a free floating spirit or something?

Thanks for the info so far though, I think she'd make a cool nemesis for Supergirl, she NEEDS her own rogues gallery badly lol

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honestly i dont know. She was alive after being sent back from the Netherworld by an ancient being called Crone

Check out her page -

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