The Silurians: Old Vs New

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I have recently finished viewing the "Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood" episodes of the fifth season of Dr. Who, and I gotta say, for the most part, I like the designs for new Silurians, though I admit they've been altered heavily from their original appearance. I think the new designs look more regal than the sillier oldschool Silurians (I love them too for the record, but I understand why they needed to be updated so heavily for a modern audience...Their designs aren't quite as timeless & versatile as say, a Dalek's lol), though I also think a venomous tongue is a step down from having a telepathic third eye. On the other hand, I like how the make up effects allow them to be more expressive, and they look more obviously reptilian despite being more humanoid in shape, whereas the old versions had somewhat fishy looking faces with those mouths and ears.

The only explanation I can think of for why the Silurians were stripped of their psychic powers was because while the challenge of getting humans to accept a race of sentient reptiles as their neighbors is difficult enough, getting humans to accept PSYCHIC sentient reptiles would be even more insurmountable. Humans would realistically have a hard time trusting a telepathic race that had been living under the earth for centuries without their knowledge, and Silurians, the original owners of the earth, would probably have a hard time accepting non-telepathic mammals as their equals instead of using their natural talents to enforce their will & take back their homeland. This is just a theory of course, I could be totally wrong...Personally, I think the psychic abilities made the Silurians more unique and gave them a bigger edge over the Doctor and other Whoverse monster races and aliens.

What do you guys all think? Which version of the Silurians do you like best? Do you hate the new Silurians and/or have ideas on how they could be improved? Or do ya like both versions equally?

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I like the classic they are more realistic in personality and cooler design.

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