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Tracy Before Her Transformation
Marine biologist Tracy Winters became a green-skinned amphibian, when a comapny named Future Dynamics called her and others to become special agents for their company by a man named Vadervecken. She was chosen for her marine biology research, diving, and swimming skills.
After the meeting she was given a costume and told to sit in a machine with coocon sections. As she waited worried of what was to come a woman named  Sunswift was heading for the machine. As she dove into the machine her powers radiated to Tracy and the others.

Becoming Silkie

 Tracy going through her mutation with the others
Once finished she came out the machine with green skin. She was fine with what happened as a few of the others weren't. Vandervecken then came and introduced Sunswift to them. Then all of a sudden the companys enemy was attacking four different places. Vandervecken told them what they had to do and told them were to go. Tracy was sent to california with Avatar to deal with a sea monster attacking the city. As they arrived they were attacked by the unknown enemy. SIlkie at first did not know what her powers were. But later figured out when trying to stop the horde of soldiers. After dealing with their enemy they headed towards the monster. Silkie tried to see if she could control the monster but was whacked away by it. Avatar told her what was she thinking and she said I was trying something I saw in a comic once. She then helped Avatar to tie up the creature. After the beast was tied up they went back to Future Dyanmics.


Silkie Manta Form
Tracy at first had the ability to breathe underwater, and dive great depths. But after her mutation she gained the ability fire bio-electrical blasts from her hands or generate it through her body, control of water and shape it to her desire, and transform into a humanoid manta ray-like form, which allows her to fly or swim at great speeds.

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