Anyone else love Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre as a couple?

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No disrespect to the fans that do the whole Rorsach thing, etc. I just kinda like Laurie with Dan. There's just something cute I found about his crush on her. It was obvious he liked her but he'd never say anything until Laurie figured it out. I wonder what it'd be like if they had kids. Thats my only complaint with Watchman, it left you guessing. Cause you never did know. What was gonna happen after they found Rorsach's(yes I know I spelt his name wrong but my memory stinks^^;) journal? 
Would anyone realize what Ozymadias did? Would Laurie and Dan get married? Would they someday have kids? And would she revamp her costume the way in the movie or in that dream that Dan had? So many questions. Well if any of you wanna give your opinions, just shoot:)!    

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Not I.

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No because she is unfaithful to Manhattan.

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No, because she ended with Dan only because he was she had nobody else to turn to after the argument with Doc Manhattan - she admited that all the men she knew were superheroes.

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Depends what qualifies as "Like" I do think their relationship felt pretty natural and well written, so I suppose that I like it

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