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Created by

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons


Laurie Juspeczyk, more commonly known as the Silk Spectre, or Ms Jupiter, is the daughter of Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre. Why Laurie joined the costume hero business is uncertain, as she has no love for it, most people thinking that her mother was the driving force behind the decision. Laurie's first involvement in any type of crime fighting is when she is asked to join the crime busters, a small group started by Captain Metropolis. It is here that Laurie meets Dr Manhattan and Nite-Owl, not to mention The Comedian, who, unbeknown to her, is actually her father. That same night, after The Comedian says his piece and leaves, she follows and gets a light from him, only to be confronted by her mother, who pulls her away from the Comedian. It is at this point that Sally tells Laurie about him, and why she should stay away from him. Her story starts as she poses for her first team picture, and, as the rest of the team go to celebrate their official launch, she goes to powder her nose. She thinks she is alone, until The Comedian, Edward Blake, appears and attempts to kiss her. After a quick right hook, she tells him no, only to then receive a brutal and terrifying beating from her fellow hero. He fully intends to rape his victim, when the Hooded Justice, another of the teammates, enters the room and beats Blake until he is bloody. Blake laughs and, showing no remorse for what he has done, asks if this is what Hooded Justice is into. At this point a third member of the team, Nite Owl, enters, but he is too shocked to speak. After these events, Sally is told by her manager not to press charges and ruin the group’s chance of becoming big. She agrees, and Edward Blake is forced to leave the group.

Major Story Arcs

The Comedian - Laurie's Father

Pretending to be in a relationship with the Hooded Justice to prevent the world from knowing the truth about him being homosexual and also to cover up his relationship with Captain Metropolis, the minute men carried on. During this relationship it is believed that Sally once again met Edward Blake and the two formed some type of sexual relationship, shortly after this she retired and married her agent Laurence Schexnayder. The couple were married for nine years before they split, In that time Lauriel Jane Juspeczyk was born. Laurence knew that the child was not his as it was too soon after the marriage for her to be his, but he asked no questions and all along knew the truth. Sally hid the truth from Laurie about her father’s identity; perhaps more out of shame than anything else. Laurie is shocked by her mother and her attitude and soon starts to ignore Blake and wishes no part in his funeral that the rest of the Crime Busters go to.

Dr. Manhattan - Laurie's lover

On a mission with Dr. Manhattan the two soon fall for each other and shortly after the act was introduced that prevented any costumed vigilantes from taking the law into their own hands. Laurie moved into Dr. Manhattan's secret underground lab but stayed in contact with her alcoholic mother and the Nite Owl. Dr. Manhattan soon becomes distant as he becomes more and more less human, He even mentions how he see’s time differently from everyone else. In the end Laurie can no longer take his distance and turns to Nite Owl. Not to long after this Dr. Manhattan is accused of giving cancer to those who stay to long around him. He screams for people to leave him alone and then vanishes into the nothing, He has in fact left earth for mars. Laurie returns to collect her things to find the government taking everything. Laurie is lead off the base and moves into Dan's house (Nite Owl). The two start to become romantically linked. The two put on their costumes and save people from a burning building.

Nite Owl and Laurie

Teaming up the two set out to save an old colleague Rorschach who has been placed in prison after being set up. During the break out a riot starts as some of the inmates try and kill Rorschach. Soon the tables are turned as Silk Spectre and Nite Owl break up most of the riot. Rorschach meets up with them and then goes and deals with some business before they can set off. It is not to long after this that they return to Nite Owl's home to find Doctor Manhattan waiting for them. He has come cause he knows Laurie wants to convince him to save the world. Taking her to mars he almost kills her but changes the air around her so she can breathe mentioning how he forgets the need to breathe. The two share words but in the end it is that shows her the truth entering her mind he shows her who her real father is Edward Blake. decided to help save the world but on his return finds that one of the former Crime Busters has set a plan in motion that will make the world blame him for the disasters that have happened. Laurie does not have much of a role in the end of the comic but the entire group decide to keep the disasters a secret and let Dr. Manhattan take the blame. The world unites and blames Dr. Manhattan and with the help of Veidt the world will grow into a utopia now that all countries are united in a common cause and working with each other.

Dr. Manhattan leaves Earth but says he will be watching. Laurie changes her name to Sandra Hollis and continues her relationship with Dan. Keep the secret of what happened that day to themselves. The story ends with Laurie visiting her mom and as her mom drinks they talk of the grandchildren and then Laurie leaves, Sally gets up and kisses a picture of the Comedian.

Skills and abilities

Silk Spectre is a superb athlete and formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She practiced intensively in a gym while training to be a masked hero; she even had gymnastic equipment and dumbbells in her room so she could train almost continually, learning and sculpting herself into the smart, skilled and fit crime-fighter she aspired to be.

Other Media

Watchmen Movie

Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre

Actress Malin Akerman was cast in the role of Laurie/Silk Spectre in the 2009 movie watchmen by Zack Snyder. Though the character was largely the same as it had been in the original comic story, there was on small thing that changed about this character; the costume. For the movie, the costume was given a more modern look as were most of the other characters' costumes for the sake of the movie. Despite these relatively minor changes the movie was very true to the original comic's form. It is true that some fans did not enjoy Akerman as Laurie but this was just a small portion of the fan base. Her adaption of Laurie was very true to the character and was very fun to watch on screen. The movie was a great success within the comic community and audiences worldwide.

Popular Recognition

Silk Spectre was ranked 24th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

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