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Silent Majority first appeared as a emember of the team called the Force of July. they thought of themselves as heroes, but they ran afoul of the Outsiders.

While not mute, he was never a big talker and his teammates in the Force of July referred to him as "Gabby." He was of average height and weight. His only superability was to create duplicates of himself. But the duplicates possessed the same ability. While not the most powerful character, he could often overwhelm an opponent with sheer numbers. His ability was fined tuned enough that he could use his bodies to create human chains to span distances to long to jump or climb.

Silent Majority and most of the rest of the Force of July (except Major Victory), died in the pages of Suicide Squad. Another Silent Majority surfaced active with the group Freedom's Ring. These characters appeared to be a revamped Force of July, but it was not revealed whether the character was a surviving duplicate (or the original, who knows). It can be noted that the speech pattern was quite different. That version didn't live that long either.

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