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A possible ancestor to Jonathan Kent, and is a previous incarnation of the golden age Hawk man Carter Hall.

In 6th Century England, there was a small kingdom ruled jointly by Sir Edwin Kent and Sir Oswald Bane. Sir Edwin enjoyed mock combat for sport. Sir Oswald, who secretly sought to rule alone, sneakily gave Edwin defective weapons and slew the noble knight by "accident" in a mock battle.

Sir Edwin's death left his 15 year old son, Sir Brian, an orphan (his mother had died years before). Brian now became a ward of Sir Oswald who ruled with an iron hand, but as Sir Edwin's heir, Brian would rule with Sir Oswald.

Sir Oswald decreed that Brian must prove his worthiness to rule by earning a knighthood under the teaching of the aged Sir Grot, Sir Edwin's friend in battle. Brian proved a brilliant student as he demonstrated an aptitude for fighting and swordplay. However, Sir Grot treated the youth harshly and made him seem foolish whenever Sir Oswald was watching. This was because he feared that Sir Oswald would have Brian killed if he ever became a full-fledged knight.

One day, Brian was chasing Sir Oswald's escaped Falcon, Slasher, in the Forest Perilous, when he found a shining suit of armour, a sword, a shield and a winged helmet. When Brian saw some of Sir Oswald's men menacing some travelers, he put on the mysterious armour and helmet, and drove the evil men away with his sword. Thus, Brian became the Silent Knight - never speaking when he was in the armour - lest anyone should recognize his voice.

The Silent Knight achieved great fame and became a symbol of freedom to those citizens who were oppressed. Sir Oswald saw the Silent Knight as a threat to his rule. Lady Celia Penbrook, one of the travelers whom he had rescued, was the reincarnation of Princess Shay-Ara, & fell in love with the gallant knight, but never suspected who he really was.

The Silent Knight lived at the time of King Arthur and he shared some battles with the Knights of the Round Table and the famed magician, Merlin.

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