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Silencer I

The Silencer was hired by William Cross (Crossfire) to kill the Avenger Hawkeye (Clint Barton), who at the time was serving at Cross Technological Enterprises head of security. Crossfire hired the Silencer to kill Hawkeye after Hawkeye and Mockingbird began gathering intel on what exactly was really going on at the company. The Silencer was sent to Hawkeye's apartment to kill him. The Silencer was able to get close enough to put his pistol to Hawkeye's temple, ready to pull the trigger, but Mockingbird alerted Hawkeye of the killer's presence, thwarting the assassin's attempt.

Later Hawkeye and Mockingbird went back to Cross Technological Enterprises to continue their investigation. The Silencer tried to prevent the heroic duo from gathering anymore intel. A confrontation ensued and during the struggle Hawkeye and Silencer fell out of a window; fortunately they landed on Hawkeye's new mobile Skycycle. They both eventually fell off and Silencer landed on a smokestack. Hawkeye fell into the smokestack but grabbed the edge to prevent himself from falling. Hawkeye then grabbed Silencer's ankle, who assumed Hawkeye had already fallen to his death. Hawkeye then pulled the Silencer falling into smokestack. The Silencer has yet to reappear.


Silencer was created by Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding in 1983 and first appeared in Hawkeye # 2.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

The Silencer carries a German Luger hand pistol as his primary weapon.

The Silencer posses as special suit that allows the wearer the ability to be completely silent. The suit silences all movement and breathing as well as any gunfire. The suit allows the wearer to gain an incredible amount of stealth and allows the assassin to get within point blank range of his victims.

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