Marvel NOW Journey In To the Mystery

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Loki is no longer the feature character of JiM and will be replaced by the Lady Sif who will be travelling the 9 worlds and slaying monsters

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So far this is the only Marvel Now title that has me interested. I like the creative team and the character. Oh and its a $2.99 comic, yay!

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@Katie24: I'll miss Loki but because I thought the book was coming to the end and it's not I'm happy

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I never read JIM, but I've heard good things about it. I will have to pick up the trade sometime.

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JiM, and the character Thor brought me into fantasy books, so I'm going to continue with this title for a few more issues. I like Sif too.

But I don't like what's going on with her right arm there....

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@Katie24: Yea you really should, it's not as good as when it started but it's still pretty good

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@Twentyfive: What do you mean?

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Like I said in another thread, I can't wait for the Thor books. I always loved Sif, and now that Fraction is gone I can read Thor again.

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A new female led comic book! wooooo! Sif is awesome

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i always love me my warrior females


Ms/Captain Marvel

Black Widow


Silver Sable


i love them all

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