jloneblackheart's Sif #1 - I Am The Lady Sif review


I'll be honest, I bought this when I heard Beta Ray Bill was in it. It's not that I dislike Sif, it's just I never got into the whole Asgard thing. I am glad she is back though.
So this book is pretty much about the fragile state Sif is in after Loki took control of her body. If you are looking for any suspense, drama or good action, you won't be finding that here. It's pretty much just a story of a strong woman who feels violated and has to overcome her doubts and fears. At least that is the message I got from this.  I have no problem with that and it's a good message to portray, but for $3.99 I'd like a little more depth to it.
I love the cover but I'm not to crazy about the inside art. I guess Marvel was wise to make this a one shot, because I know I wouldn't be in any hurry to read issue #2.

Posted by Blue_Shield

Nice straight forward review. Was Beta Ray Bill's role significant at all?
Posted by jloneblackheart
@Blue_Shield: Not at all. He helped move the plot along for Sif, reminding her that she is not just some normal human in Oklahoma but something more. I am pleased though that Marvel hasn't forgotten about Ti Asha Ra from the Godhunter series.
Posted by immortalfireboy

Yea i bought it for Beta Ray also. what got me mad though was that they charged 4 bucks for a 32 pager >=O

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