what do you expect from siege ?

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What do we expect from Siege ? They say it is end of marvel universe we know as it is ...so...what is changing ? Is Norman trying to become god ?

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I'm expecting one giant trainwreck worse than the Skrull invasion business
I'm avoiding the main titles like the plague now, I do still check them out I pick up the comic flick through it and throw it back on the shelf or I look at reviews/scans
I do still buy Marvel, a lot of the smaller titles I still love
The IronFists, Daredevil, Nova, Voodoo, Marvel Divas, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Punisher, X-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy I will keep my eye out for these and loved all them but any of the big stuff  no
The major titles I don't follow anymore, I even stopped reading Ironman
All these gazillion Avengers titles can go to hell, not worth the 4 bucks 

and too much of a train wreck

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@BIackFlash said: All these gazillion Avengers titles can go to hell, not worth the 4 bucks

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