Siege: What would have happened if...

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Hey guys, I just got around to reading Siege, I know I'm a little late and everything :P 
I apologize for my lack of knowledge with Marvel's Asgardian gods, but I was wondering how much of a difference would Odin have been if he were still alive. Would he have been able to take out the Void? Also, was this Odin Force Thor in Siege? 
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Things would have been much different if Odin were around (JMPOV).
It would have been very interesting to see Odin take on the Void.
Thor no longer has the Odin force after Thor #600.

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Odin Borson would have stomped the Siege easily, by done it all himself and easily killed all those agents, Goblin, Moonstone, Sentry/Void
Odin was the REEEAAALLL Skyfather here
Zeus could also solo put has less feats
Pre Crisis Darkseid might also do it
 Odin without Destroyer armor stomp. "Nuff Said

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