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is it possible

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only in a What If Story. Siege is over.

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And Odin is dead...

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@Jake Fury: terrible ending to siege, regarding the Sentry, and how he was finally beaten.
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All in all Siege just felt extremely rushed to me.
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@Jake Fury: EXACTLY! that is how i felt as well. i know that Bendis wanted to bring in his "heroic age" storyline, so obviously the Sentry had to go, but this is a guy who tried to kill himself by flying into the sun, and yet Thor is able to kill him with a lightning bolt? i am a huge Thor fan, but without the Odinforce, there was no way that he should have been able to kill the Sentry by himself, when guys like the Molecule Man could not. i know Siege has been done for ages, i just wished to let you know that i agree with your initial statement. take it easy.
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Instead of Thor and Sentry? Why go to Odin when Thor is the more interesting and fair choice, there could be an argument that since Molecule Man couldn't beat Sentry Thor can't? Except Captain America almost beat Owen one time, Molecule Man is not infallible, and power has no absolute bearing on performance (amirite ladies?) lol
Or to put another spin on this, Tom Brevoort said that Sentry is now where near Odins power. Given his position such words are hard to ignore. Plus in the sequel Siege II I would rather see Sentry and Odin on the same side, vs some loudmouth braggy ex Navy Seal, cook. 


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