grim's Siege: The Cabal #1 - [untitled] review

....decent start...

 This first issue delving into what will be siege has got my attention.
Pretty much, Siege: Cabal has shown me exactly what i was looking for (and failed to find) in the rest of Norman Osborn's run as top dog: really good scheming. Not just by Norman, mind you, but by Dr. Doom, And Loki as well. And the action in this story is more of what i like, less punching of people and more calculated response. And i'm soooo excitred to find out who Norman's mystery guest is, mostly becuase of the way everyone reacted to him.
 Going completely against my character, i'm not going to spoil this Marvel comic becuase (forgive me Dan Didio) i actually want people to go out an buy this issue. Siege is very likely to turn out exactly how Civil War did, with a bunch of pissed of readers. But it could also end fantasticaly. Either way, im happy (cuz if it fails i have more fodder, and if it doesnt i have another great set of comics in my pile).
p.s.  i think its Mephisto. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!?!?!


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