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Siege: The Cabal #1: A $4 tease

Mega events have always frustrated comic book collectors but no event is more convoluted than Dark Reign. Unlike its predecessors, it does not have a core book from which the satellite titles revolve around. Like much of Bendis' 616 Avengers universe writing, its disjointed. What's going on in one title has no relevance to what's going on in another. One-shots, limited series tie-ins, and the List were all vague attempts at establishing Norman as a @#$% but more than 2/3 never captured that concept. If you really want to see Norman at the top of his game, Joe Kelly's Spider-man American Son arc and The List: Punisher were probably the two finest examples of Norman being evil. If you spent the $300+ it would cost to complete every issue with the Dark Reign brand, I'm afraid you bought a very expensive albatros of an idea. 
Siege: The Cabal is a one-shot issue re-connecting the readers to Norman's fragile psyche. Norman is pissed off Asgard is sovereign in Oklahoma City. Of course, the Green Goblin who has played his conscience advised him to take control of the situation. Norman calling an emergency meeting of the Cabal, tries to order Doom around with Taskmaster replacing Namor's place at the table. This act displeases Doom and of course Norman shows his master hand who destroys Doom. 
Of course, the reader NEVER sees who is Norman's ace in the hole nor is it really Doom. It was a Doom bot who proceeds to release nanites that almost chew the Avengers tower down to the last piece of iron. (If you saw the re-make of The Day the Earth Stood Still you know what I am talking about). 
So its a complete stalemate with Doom pretty much telling Norman, he's on his own. Unable to find a way to lay Siege to Asgard (where this fits in with Thor title and the kingdom in Latveria is vague), Norman rigs a disaster involving the U-Foes vs. Volstagg where an energy feedback destroys an entire football field full of people to trigger a reason to invade. 
There you have it. A fat Asgardian and 4 Hulk B-foes kill thousands and that's what starts the ball rolling. 
Rating: Skip it. This was nothing but a tease that didn't really reveal anything other than an excuse to lay Siege on Asgard. For $4, spend your bones on something with more substance.

Posted by W@de Wilson

Really Marvel?  The best way you can think of to kick off an event is to completely steal the opening plot of Civil War?  Sigh...let's get this over with.

Posted by Dr. Detfink
@W@de Wilson: I hear ya Wade...I hear ya. :)
Edited by WykedlilKara
@W@de Wilson: I think the word you are looking for is rehash. You cant steal whats already yours.
Posted by W@de Wilson
@WykedlilKara:  Good point.   
  Really Marvel?  The best way you can think of to kick off an event is to completely rehash the opening plot of Civil War?  Sigh...let's get this over with.*
Posted by WykedlilKara
@W@de Wilson:  lol I wasnt even reading comics when civil war started. My only exposure to it was in the MU:A 2 game and I'm like what the hell they are doing this again?
Posted by W@de Wilson
@WykedlilKara: Haha, yeah I can imagine how that would seem jarring.  I read civil war a little over a year ago, and I assure you, we're all just as pissed.
Posted by victorvndoom

Those problems between Asgard and Latverians went way before this. Latverians worshipping Odin before Assembled. DrDoom trying to steal Thors Hammer ...

Posted by victorvndoom

how odd that this issue is not been published by this time in europe or my shop didnt get it yet or it is dynamic comics who isnt sending stuff to europe
and trying to get stuff to usa first

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